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P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter

P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter
P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 FilterP3 Series Graduated ND16-8 FilterP3 Series Graduated ND16-8 FilterP3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter

The P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter is a graduated neutral density filter that transitions from a ND16 (ND1.2, 3.9 f-stop) filter on one edge to a ND8 (ND0.9, 3 f-stop) on the opposite edge of the filter.  This filter slips over the DJI Phantom 3 camera without camera modifications (e.g. the camera's built-in UV filter stays in place).  The graduated neutral density filter reduces rolling shutter artifacts (e.g. jello) by slowing the shutter speed of the Phantom 3 camera while also transitioning in darkness to give the proper exposure to both the subject and the sky.  Use it for sunset/sunrise shots or filming ground activity with a bright sky at the top of the frame.  Filter weight is only 7.5g!   

The filter glass in oriented at the factory so that the SRP logo on the edge of the filter frame corresponds to the darkest edge of the filter (e.g. ND16 edge).  If the filter is disassembled for cleaning, care must be taken to orient the silver mark on the edge of the filter glass with the SRP logo so that the darkest edge can be orientated appropriately after the filter is reassembled.  Two photos to the left show the filter glass with and without this silver mark.  These photos also show how the filter is constructed. An ND16 piece of filter glass is ground at an angle and mated with UV filter glass also ground at an angle.  The UV filter glass faces away from the camera giving the greatest protection to the filter.  The overall filter thickness is consistent throughout.

Each P3 Series Filter is made from two CNC machined Delrin® pieces so that the filter frame can be disassembled to facilitate easy cleaning of the filter glass. Delrin, which is more costly than billet aluminum by volume, was selected because of its high quality and excellent machining qualities.

The Phantom 3 camera lens body can vary slightly from camera to camera. To insure a secure fit, each P3 Series filter includes an o-ring on the inside diameter of the filter which will accommodate small variations in camera lens diameter.

P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter – What’s in the Box:

  • P3 Series Graduated N16-8 Filter
  • Storage case
  • Microfiber cleaning patch
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P3 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter
60.00 €
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