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BlurFix3+ 55 with CYD

BlurFix3+ 55 with CYD

BlurFix3+ 55 with CYD


The BlurFix3+ 55 with URPRO Cyan Dome (CYD) filter for the Hero3+ standard housing is our best filter adapter and color-correction product for a GoPro® camera yet!  The URPRO Cyan Dome filter is pre-installed in the BlurFix3+ 55 adapter.  The patent-pending CYD filter provides consistent color correction from center-to-corner and is specifically designed for use in clear blue water between 12 ft and 60 ft in depth (color is improved at even greater depths depending on water conditions). 

The BluFix3+ 55 takes the best features of the BlurFix3 SO (slip-over adapater for the Hero3 housing) and the original BlurFix (for the Hero and Hero2 standard housing). For more details please visit the BlurFix3+ 55 instructions page.

The BlurFix3+ 55 with CYD has the following features:

  • Slips over the GoPro® Hero3+ standard housing
  • URPRO Cyan Dome (CYD) lens provides patent-pending consistent color correction
  • Adapts 55 mm filters to your camera
  • Precision CNC machined Delrin® frame
  • For above water applications, the area between the camera and filter* can be sealed against dirt, water, and snow intrusion using the supplied o-rings**. Please visit the instructions page for greater detail.  

* This statement refers to the use of 55 mm filters other than the CYD filter like ciicular polarizer and neutral density filters.

** A seal may not form with all filter makes and models.  A seal is only guaranteed with 55 mm filters sold by SRP.

Note: Camera, housing, SRP Tray, and BlurFix3/3+ Holder sold separately.

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BlurFix3+ 55 with CYD
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