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i1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter

i1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter
i1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filteri1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filteri1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filteri1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter

The i1 Series Graduated ND16-8 filter is a professional graduated neutral density filter that transitions from a ND16 (ND1.2, 4 f-stop) filter on one edge to a ND8 (ND0.9, 3 f-stop) filter on the opposite edge.  The protective UV filter that comes standard on the Inspire 1 is screwed off and this filter is screwed on in it's place.  This neutral density filter reduces rolling shutter artifacts (e.g. jello) by slowing the shutter speed of the Inspire 1 camera while also transitioning in darkness to give the proper exposure to both the subject and the sky.  Use it for sunset/sunrise shots or filming ground activity with a bright sky at the top of the frame.  

The outer knurled ring offers extra grip for installing or removing the filter. The separate knurled adjusting ring at the front is laser marked with an arrow to aid in adjusting the graduated neutral density filter to the perfect position. 

The ring of the filter is marked with a laser marked arrow indicating the darkest edge of the filter.  This arrow will be turned to the up most position for most shots after the filter is screwed on to the Inspire 1 in order to place the ND16 portion of the filter on top and the ND8 portion of the filter on bottom.   

One of the photos to the left shows how this filter is constructed.  An ND16 piece of filter glass is ground at an angle and mated with UV filter glass also ground at an angle.  The UV filter glass faces away from the camera giving the greatest protection to the filter.  The overall filter thickness is consistent throughout.  

Filter weight: 9.5 g

Note: The adjustment ring on the filter will cause slight vignetting in photo mode.  Crop 4000 x 3000 photos to 3700 x 2775 to remove vignetting in still photos. There is no vignetting in video mode.  

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i1 Series Graduated ND16-8 Filter
65.00 €
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